About the conference

Building Sustainable Partnerships with Enrich in Africa & beyond: The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership’s final event will mark the official end of the AEIP pilot and focus on celebrating and disseminating information on the key achievements across all activities, and on discussing ways to continue to collaborate in a more sustainable manner.

The event aims to showcase the impacts and lessons learnt from that emerged from the pilot AEIP to a wider audience of stakeholders. Outcomes of all the different project activities will be presented and discussed. These serve to demonstrate the benefits of African-European innovation collaboration and exemplify the added value of the AEIP in facilitating such a collaboration. The success stories chosen also showcase how innovation collaboration can contribute to the UN SDGs. In doing so, the objective of the event is also for the wider stakeholder community to recognise the achievements of the AEIP, and to thus lay the groundwork for future support of Africa-Europe innovation collaboration.

Using the thematic challenges launched on cleantech, foodwaste and edtech as a framework, the event links up the target communities of tech hubs and start-ups, technology transfer offices/TTOs, and entrepreneurs.

The event also provides a platform for relevant recently, launched third party initiatives/opportunities to present themselves and to discuss how these could be used to continue some of the activities launched in the AEIP in the future, after the AEIP itself is no longer financed by the European Commission. The programme for the event hence includes a focus on initiatives by international donors, development agencies, and multilateral funding schemes, notably with Enrich in Africa, and with other initiatives such as the digital innovation hubs initiatives.

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